1.                Purpose

Amdocs is committed to providing a workplace that fosters equal opportunities in employment, in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities regardless to disability and/or any other characteristics that are protected by law.

2.                Scope

 This policy covers all employees (including employees who acquire disability during their employment with Amdocs) and job applicants.

3.         Equal Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities[1]:-

Amdocs shall seek to ensure that the work environment is free from all sorts of discrimination against persons with disabilities. Amdocs will take all actions deemed necessary to ensure that a conducive environment is provided to persons with disabilities to perform their roles and responsibilities at Amdocs.

4.         Facilities and amenities

Amdocs aims to ensure that its physical infrastructure (buildings, furniture, facilities and services in the building/campus and transportation) adheres to the accessibility standards as defined by law. Currently the following facilities are available within the Amdocs premises:

  • Special barrier-free accessibility for entry and exit of employees with disability
  • Access to various facilities include special arrangements (in washroom, learning activities in selected places etc.)
  • Insurance coverage for employees who face disability during the course of employment
  • Preference on transfer to another role or another place of work if there is a vacancy and applications have been received for transfer, provided that, the role/location is suitable for the disabled person.
  • Special arrangements for parking
  • Availability of company sponsored doctor at stipulated time during weekdays only
  • Transport services for daily commute to office and back
  • Rest-room (handicap toilet) facility within Amdocs premises

  Any employee facing accessibility issues at any premises of Amdocs should report to the facilities team about their location or write to the Liaison Officer appointed and designated at Amdocs premise/s. The Officer and facilities team will make the necessary reasonable accommodations.

5.         Recruitment

The Amdocs’ recruitment of job applicants & its selection processes purely based on merits and the candidates are evaluated based on their skills and competencies. Flexibility and accommodation will be provided to candidates with disabilities on an individual basis.

Wherever possible, all vacancies will be advertised internally and externally.

Wherever possible, vacancies will be notified to colleges and NGO.

The job descriptions will provide necessary information on the available roles, enabling job applicants to assess their suitability.

6.         Disability Leave

An employee’s request for extra leave, for reason/s related to her/his disability, will be treated as a request for reasonable accommodation and will be evaluated accordingly.

Amdocs provides an option of unpaid special leave for a maximum period of three months for employees with disabilities who are undergoing medical treatment relating to/in connection to the disability/ies. The procedure for availing the leave/s is detailed out in Amdocs Leave Policy.

7.         Liaison Officer

Amdocs has appointed Ms. Snehlata Dhadwal, HR Employee Services Manager(Email-id Snehlata.dhadwal@amdocs.com)  as a Liaison Officer who will be in charge of the recruitment of disabled candidates and shall be responsible for taking the necessary initiatives and providing the requisite support needed to realise the goals of an inclusive and accessible workplace and reasonable accommodation.

All employees have the responsibility to comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy. Managers and team members need to monitor the work environment to ensure that it is free from discrimination and encourages inclusion and respect for each other.

All employees are encouraged to report any incidents of violation of this policy and managers should act promptly when concerns arise or complaints are made.

8.         Maintenance of Records

Amdocs may collect relevant information related to the disability of its employees or job applicants, as the case may be, and will comply with all applicable laws in relation to the collection, storage and transfer of such information.

9.        Communications to Policy

This Policy will be available to all employees and job applicants via Amdocs Internet sites/career portal.                                                                                                      

10.          Disclaimer

Amdocs may at any time, at its sole discretion, and in accordance with the defined statutory laws alter, amend, withdraw or delete any or all of the provisions mentioned above.

11.       Document control summary

Author: Jyoti Ojha

Approver: Lynette Dsilva

Last updated:  April 10,2018




[1] As defined under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016